Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Three teacher's for Life


Three teacher's for Life

In life we face many teacher's who teach us many things . But there are three things which teach us what is life . These three will teach us what is important. If you like this article you 
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1) Empty stomach

empty stomach

Life is not so easy as you think and hard as you feel , Life is everything . Probably In life every one would  realized importance in hunger atleast once . Empty stomach and empty pocket  can make you feel ,what you are ?  Hence it will be the best teacher of life.

2) Coming from home

You cannot realize the importance of home until you come away from home . Surviving without your home is not so easy as you think . You have to lose many things . When you feel like you hating home , then try this
come out of your home with less money search for food and rooms . People who comes for job by leaving family knows how hard it is.

3) Loneliness 

Yes staying alone is not so easy without depending others for help in 21st century is impossible ,. Loneliness is not just word it is a state which will come when we miss someone we get disturbed mentally . Loneliness makes us to think . by thinking we slowly realize our life.

These three are important teachers of life.

Thanks for reading have a nice day.

To know what Ritika singh ( boxer &actress) said about her life see below video

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