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Fake Man

This post is dedicated to people who never care of anything until they benefit personally . Only think I wish to tell you is never lose your self respect.
Oh modern man Why wearing a mask To act like you can Committing in all work but rarely succeed  Respecting only power Why you dominating weaker? Desperate for some attention But never responding others  Finding people like you  Losing  someone who trust you Spending your life over gossip Degrading your quality in that Criticize the perfect one Promote only your success
Begging for job
On bowing someone's feet
Feeling shame to see a man like you Now I dare to tell you are fake  Just remove the mask you wore Stop begging in two hands Rise one of your hand To stand as who you are Don't lose your self respect Help someone who grows up Respect only our motherland

At-least like for people who believes in you,lets give color for someone's dream.

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Witness my love

Disclaimer:This post may or may not be related to my heart personally or mentally. Witness my love 

Witness my love from my heart 
Justify her how I live now

What did I do  Than loving her Left me in dark  For trusting her  Please witness my pain to convey her
I had a dream  With her But  she had  Said me as nightmare  Now I can't live without her Someone witness my love and convey her
I where ready to stand Against the world To make her feel comfortable  yet she meant everything to me I am still a blind standings on her way  Anyway witness me as idiotic as she say
I am not happy  Nowadays  Day she left me  completely shattered me  Now I am a child  that longs for care Hoping for her comeback  As anxious as ever
Sleepless nights she gave  Tons of memories we had Moulding words she spoke She taught me how to live Finally she left

Now I am not able to live I'm Counting days  I miss her
In my heart Will you witness my love for her

My love was the key  To my heart
Wherein I built a pal…


From single cell creation to human being god has created as they can survive. When animals stand in four legs man use only two to stand and hands to various purpose. I don't mean you to avoid all but I am telling you to stand with your legs.

STAND ALONE  If you know to walk Why waiting for companion? Why wasting your time?
To see your backside use mirrors  Don't ask backstabbers to check They will defeat your success 
If you want to see yourself  Go for selfie  Why choosing others?
If you can think  Write your answer Why do you need others answer?
If you can dream your goal Work for it Why want others suggestion?
If you want Lamborghini  Why do you do drive something? Work for it and deserve it
If you want to love  Love god He knows what to do 
You no need others  To fit your place  You can believe in you  Only you can save you 
Believe me you are winner If you find yourself
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