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I will make you smile,though you not need so please stop loving me 
I will care you like a kid and be a guard of you so stop loving me
I want nothing than your smile also dimples on your face that's it  so don't love me 
I will  hold your cheeks when you are sad and take my breath somewhere  therefore stop loving me 
I will take you long ride and comfort with what you need  so please stop loving me
I will surprise when you need,make others glad on you  cuties stop loving me
I will see me on your eyes and never let you cry believe me ,stop loving me I will hold your hand so tight and never let you go hence stop loving me
I will make you feel like queen and be your everything  pinky stop loving me

I start your day with "I Love You" and end your day with "I miss You"
oh dear stop loving me

Though the world against you , i will fight for you
cherry try to stop loving me

I will move your curly hair and pinch your cheek whether
Rosy stop loving me

I am sure I wi…