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Reasons for Break-up

Break-upIt's easy to love someone . Falling in love takes not much time, But staying with loved one is gift.Breakup can make a person like a child , which disturb them physically ,mentally and emotionally. there are many who attempted suicide. There are few reason which cause breakup , If u agree with that then comment yes after reading.  
Few reasons for BreakupThe main reason for breakup in love is due to various factors . They have been listed below.
1)Ego Almost 80% of love is ended up in breakup due to ego . Fighting with loved one is not big issue , but showing ego will spoil the love . Let it be big or small problem until you ignore your ego you can't find your true love.
2) Trust Trust is important factor not only in love in every relation trust plays a vital role . When you start doubting your loved one , you can't speak  with them truly . Trust issue will come either by overthinking or cheating.
3) Care

Care is everything . Humans will fall in love with another for thei…


Disclaimer This post is inspired from true stories . Read this fully and comment your opinion , also share with your friend . Let's make a promise to support women.

Feminism Both men and women should be treated in this world . But men's actually dominating women and spoiling their aim, career and dreams with name of sentiment . This is due to various factors. Let's discuss in brief ,..
Domination in her dressing Women is weaker sex from her birth she has to sacrifice many thing for her father, brother ,boy friend or husband . They actually feared of society since because of men domination. she is not permitted to wear her favorite dresses .  This is because of cheap men . She can't walk in crowded places in morning  also can't walk in silent street,. For this men's should feel shame not women.
Domination in Decision making Women are easily convinced  so men's use to force with their decisions. Either by hashing  or by giving psychological stress such as blackmail…

Addictions of 2017

Addictions of 2017… As the time changes people changes now a days people have addicted to any one of medium which probably spoiling our health. The main problem in addiction is we can able to find whether we have addicted to that or not until someone tells . We cannot notice that .
Probably in 2017 people where addicted to multidimensional problems . This cause health issues, mental stress and various disorders. Some people think  addicted to something is good , but later when you realise it will affect your knowledge and spoils our life.
List of addictional mediums:Smartphone games Chatting applicationDrugs Sex addicts Television series Movie Over workoutLate night sleeping Over makeup These are some addictions of 2017 . We will discuss about these addictional mediums​ in upcoming blogs.

How to live life happily

How to live life happy?
Many of the person have this question. Probably kids are happiest persons they lose people when they grow almost 80 people among hundred don't know what they were doing?  This is only due to teen and adulthood​ . Almost we would have lossed our friends , family will not take care during this time that is the main reason.
To live happy you don't need more money luxury car . To live happy you just need caring people around you. Just acceptance is essential for that.
If you hate your life live for one who loves you . Care your parents ,play with children's , what else a man need when his smile is true. Smartphone has made us weak , we just wanna move with what we have , do the work with passion that will give you happiness.
Thanks for reading friend.