Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Addictions of 2017

Addictions of 2017…

As the time changes people changes now a days people have addicted to any one of medium which probably spoiling our health. The main problem in addiction is we can able to find whether we have addicted to that or not until someone tells . We cannot notice that .

Probably in 2017 people where addicted to multidimensional problems . This cause health issues, mental stress and various disorders. Some people think  addicted to something is good , but later when you realise it will affect your knowledge and spoils our life.

List of addictional mediums:

  • Smartphone games
  • Chatting application
  • Drugs
  • Sex addicts
  • Television series
  • Movie
  • Over workout
  • Late night sleeping
  • Over makeup
These are some addictions of 2017 . We will discuss about these addictional mediums​ in upcoming blogs.

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