Thursday, 30 November 2017

A Girl in My Tale Day 19

Quote of the day

Waiting is the pure sign of love

Finally me (Nandu) and manga fixed a meeting date as coming Sunday 10 am in Gandhipuram its main area in my city
I got up so early 5 am thinking about what to do
Starting from my brushing till bathing almost two hours gone
Then next comes my dress selection
Karthi told me to go in casuals
Nivas told me to go in formal dress
I got so much confused since I don't have any idea about how she will react on those dresses

Since that's the first time I gonna see her face eagerly waiting to see how she will react over me 

Then suddenly I got an idea to wear the dress in which she has seen me in college, then I took that from my cupboard and started ironing.(click here to know about that)

Oops! I forget in my family members,they are already noticing my weird behavior slowly I whispered   slowly "mom, I am going out with Karthi and Nivas. I don't know when will I come so I don't need lunch ".

My mom said "ok, but take care Nandu ". Then she also said " Be aware of surrounding" it's first time I am hearing this word from my mom
After I got ready my brother came and asked me "where are you am going?"

I replied "I am going Gandhipuram, then we will plan what we will do now"
He said ok, I am also coming there only come, let me drop you
But I replied, but ok.... (I thought he will spoil my plan so I said ok in doubt)
He questioned me, but what?

(one day
He knows about me one day when I was texting her he told me to send some photos of him
I told him to wait
Suddenly he snatched my mobile and was selected pictures

I prayed god she should not text me
How can God help me since before I pray she texted me

My mobile was screaming with notification with 1 new message, then 2,3,4,…Finally 13 new messagesInstead of clearing those notification he just opened those messages  accidentallyHe din read those messagesBut he has seen a sticker which has written "miss you"He gave the phone to me and said "you grown up man"  as he was bracing my shoulderThank god he didn't see the nameMy mindvoice was like uff...…

So I am very careful about my brother from that incident)

 I said no problem I didn't eat so it may take some time .He told me "take your time"

After eating, he took me and dropped me in Gandhipuram, 
later he has gone somewhereI called Manga and asked where she is?She told me to come towards  the park I was walking  towards the park with more and more excitement

Suddenly someone holds my hand tightly in the crowd. I turned my head to see who was that It's a girl with green chudidhar with shall whole face was covered,She has shiny eyes
(Believe me or not when you see yourself in the special one's eyes you can see how much love they show after you)
She was telling me that "your brother is standing there don't turn back"

- _To be continued on the next post_


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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

A Girl in My Tale Day 18

Quote of the day

Love without limits

This story is about me(Nandu) and a girl named Manga

Click here to know the previous happenings of the story "A Girl in My Tale Day 17"(clickhere to read older post)

I asked manga shall we meet

She replied ok

But there is problem in that
 Being Mechanical Engineering boy  I don't know how to behave in front of girls

Hence I approached Karthi for help

Karthi is the chocolate boy in my college , his favourite hobby is talking and texting with girls

Karthi asked when you gonna meet each other

I replied next week
He asked me did you see her?

I replied no

He asked atleast did you in photo

I said no I din ask her about  photos

He said me to see some love movies and approach her as like in movie

I said  hmm

Nivas was watching everything

After Karthi moved he came and said me that she likes you for being yourself so don't do anything as he said 

I said yes you are right  but I have some fear like she will hate me when she see

Nivas said it's common fear we humans have it all because of unconditional love  when we like someone we get more attached with them
We overthink like what they will think of us
His words are so true

I got positive vibes from his words

But I asked Nivas if she hate my appearance what I will do

Nivas said she already seen you in our college ,
Why you confusing yourself  on that dude . Don't care of looks if you love someone don't care appearance and problems

Finally he said me love without limits

Now I am clear with his words

I got confidence to meet her

I took my phone and called her

Hello manga shall we meet this Sunday?

She replied omg....,?
- _To be continued on the next post_

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Monday, 30 October 2017

A Girl in My Tale Day 17

Quote of the day

The worst thing in life is getting failed in front of special one, Best thing in life is still they like you and supporting you to win

This story is about me(Nandu) and a girl named Manga

Click here to know the previous happenings of the story "A Girl in My Tale Day 16"(clickhere to read older post)


Second time "I came to your college cultures with my neighbor, aunt who is a lecturer in the CS department

I have seen senior boys were ragging junior

I was looking how seniors ragging juniors

That time two junior girls crossed those seniors

They too were being ragged at that place

Seniors where fully drunken those drunken money's asked their names of those two girls and their department

Those girls replied them by telling everything along with mentioning those monkeys as a brother

Suddenly they said I am your brother right give your WhatsApp number

Those girls and even I was shocked

The girls looked into their faces and they ran away

Those monkeys shouting them to stop running they didn't look back

Suddenly I noticed two boys crossing them

Those monkeys told them to call those girls

One boy vigorously said if you need you go and talk

I know after hearing that those girls laughed at them and went

But that two boys struck there

Those monkeys asked who are you? and what department you are?

That boy said he is a Mechanical second year by raising his voice

Immediately one of the drunken monkey pulled his shirt collar and pinched that boy's ear
Then one monkey senior, said they were final year mechanical

They ragged that boy for what he replied
That boy struck there 

He was silent while them rag

But at least they gave him left and right
No use for his silence

I was so happy for his reply, but more than that I worried for him since they beat him and ragged him like hell

I can remember Nandu

Even you can remember right

One who got ragged is you
Am I right?

Almost one week gone into searching her

Finally, I found her home , but i cannot see her

I started admiring her character 

I don't have any idea about who she is?

But I felt like God has given her, since to make me feel special

From evening now we use to text more and more
Almost till 1 pm sometimes
I can feel more difference in myself, if she comes online late, I feel like I am the one who is alone
While she calls me Nandu, I feel like I am the one who have everything in the world

I started getting addicted to her care 
Her presence makes me feel better than whom I am

The very next morning she said Nandu, I have seen you and your mom in my dream yesterday
I don't know how we met, but it's a beach
You introduced me to your mom
Your mom is very sweet
We both spoke something about you
Your mom told me to care you always
After sometime you said me to join with you in your Pulsar bike
I said no
But your mom said he will care you always I don't worry
So I came to you for a small ride
While we ride my alarm ringed I woke up "

I am so excited I started asking more questions too   her

She said don't know anything than that and went offline
I can't keep calm
I called her
She attended my phone at that time
I asked her *Hi Meera shall we meet tomorrow*
She din speaks anything she just cut off my phone call
Is this my last call....

lol no

Few moments I waited for her reply
She didn't come online
At the same time it's too late night
Hence, I slept

The next morning I have seen my phone blinking with 3 notifications
Two missed call from Meera
Along with that, her message
I just opened the message
She said if time grants a chance, let's meet
I was talking about her with Nivas
While we were talking

One of my friend *Karthi* interfered in my conversation
He started questioning me who is she
He asked me to tell everything thing in brief
I said she is my friend who knows everything
He just trimmed my words and started creating rumours like "Nandu said Meera as his everything"
Within few days I started questioning myself
Am I loving her
Why should she need to cheer me alone

Why we met
Day by Day the questions go so long
And my conversation changes
I started being over attached to her
I know how she will reply to my text
I started living my life along with her
Phone calls last longer and longer
One day she asked me, shall we meet coming Saturday
This is most expected, but I don' expect within a few days
I said sure sure sure Meera
Though I said ok, but I am not sure that I will impress her
Since a number of girls I talked on the phone is zero other than her
Being a mechanical engineering boy I don't know how to behave in front of the girl
Hence, I sought Karthi to help me

   - _To be continued on the next post_

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

I just wanna tell I still love you

I just wanna tell I still love you

Day, months ,years ago 

I met you in the wave

Tone, voice and sound

From you made me feel I am alive

Bitter , hard and worst 

I fighted against you my dear

Now, then  and forever dear

I wanna cry under your lap

Diamond ,gold ,pearl you was

By memory I lost by anger

Now you had gone far away

I can't find you in my way

Searching  for place to find you

All I found is 

*I miss you*

If you see me now

You will know  how much I changed

If you see this feel my love

If you denied this then try to bury my soul 

With love my dear 

My whole love is only for you 


Sunday, 17 September 2017

A Girl in My Tale Day 16

Quote of the day

Meeting someone accidentally, then having them becomes huge part of your life

This story is about me(Nandhu) and a girl named Manga
Click here to know the previous happenings of the story"A Girl in My Tale Day 15"

After 5 minutes Manga called me (😍I was waiting to hear her voice again)

I took long  breath again and said "Hi Manga"(with nervousness😥)

She was also nervous just like me(😁),we  were speechless(yep😇)

For one minute we were just chanting "hello, Nandu?","Hello Manga?......."(Atlast, i did speak😎)

Apart from that we couldn't speak anything(😆atleast i said Hello)

She asked me to come online and Hung up call(😕 really?, that's it!,😭)

She started texting(Its okay,i will live with that😌!)

"Nandu i could remember the first day i  met you, it was  a beautiful morning ( Good morning?😮,i never had one)

Me and my friend would often go cycling early morning

One day my cycle chain fell off (😆looks like God loves you to!)

We thought ,It was too early for the cycle shops to be opened at 5:30 in the morning

So we both tried to repair it ourselves, but we couldn't(really ,i am surprised😒)

We looked for some help  but the streets were empty (what kind of loser would help you at 5 AM dude?😒)

Few minutes later a boy riding cycle just passed by us, ( wait!, What?,that was me, right?😳)

My friend raised her voice for help (oh ,no, that was me😖)

Without hesitating,he stopped  and came  forward to help us (God, you were that girl isn't it?😍)

While he was busy with adjusting the cyle stuff

His finger got struck in between that ring got his finger wounded (snap,that really hurt 😣)

We could almost see him in pain and bleeding (i didn't know what the crap, i was going through at that moment 😆)

We thought he wasn't calm while repairing

Inspite of the pain and the blood, he did got my cycle fixed in a moment, we were so happy (we try our best to show our skills 😎,to impress)

We noticed that his hands didn't stop bleeding

Trying to help we said 'brother your are wounded' , he replied with a *no problem*(well i know that my hand is bleeding, but it was unnecessary to call me Brother😤)

He just left us without a nod (why should i?, Next time don't call a boy "brother" well it hurts),

 I didn't see him after that

But within few days we met ...

Again(oh s**t ,now where did we meet?😳)

 Your college CULTURALS  with my neighbour aunt who is a professor in your college(You  girl really had the guts to see our boring CULTURALS program😆)

Getting bored of your culturals ,Me and my aunt's daughter who is a student there, decided to wander back stage(wrong move, lady😧)

A group of self proclaimed "seniors" stopped us thinking we were juniors(yep now i, remember the event now😮)

They were trying  rag us at that place

Your Seniors were so drunken, those alcoholics  asked for our names,and to which department we belong,(😮)

We replied them by telling  everything along with mentioning those monkeys as brothers(You can't brotherzone them😉)

Quickly they claimed that if they were our brothers ,so it is safe to  share our WhatsApp numbers( that was a 😵cheap shot)

We were kind of in a shock,we know where this would end so we decided to.........

                   - _To be continued on the next post_

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Saturday, 9 September 2017

A Girl in My Tale Day 15

Quote of the day

Waiting are pure sign's of love

Now i don't think I can be peaceful😲 with that statement by a girl whom I never knew..........

*To know the previous events of this Episode click here*"A Girl in my tale Day 14"*

Before enquiring she was offline, With no options left i went to sleep(i tried to sleep after all),

I went to college thinking how did She get to meet me and i didn't? 🤔

Going to college, i was still thinking about the *where did you meet me?* question that i am about to ask her
What if she says         ' *_In my  dreams_* '(Bad joke😅)

The biggest  question that haunts me is
*Whether boy like me,will forget a girl?*

The answer is *No way*, if I see her I would never even think of forgetting her.

I forgot to mention you guys that this is Parents Teachers meet we were having in college.

As usual in Parents Teachers  meet   my College faculties raged against me(that's not new for me😏)

They were like "Your son is always talking, Never  listens the classes(Not my problem 😎), eating and sleeping during class hours (Thats what i do😇)

And he is spoiling  Nivas's studies too.."(😳really?)

_They didn't know  that Nivas is the only reason that i am still dumb_☹

I saw My parents😵 starring at me (Run for your life😱)

Inside me adrenaline started pumping  too high but i had to act as I am fine

But I still don't know what would  happen after i reach home(its India 😒duh,parents rule here).

At the same time Nivas was laughing as faculties complain over me(😠He just started  a war).

Looking at his Happy face, as if his dreams came true for this semester(🔪No mercy for him anymore ).

My dad  looked at me with his *Hitler* face(😱not that face).

My Father started conversation with my faculty(Betrayal to its fullest 😢)

" Nandu  never studied at home, and he is fully in to his socially connected world (😏phone?).

I don't know what he will do in future.(🤔I was thinking about  a Pani Poori stall,being an Engineer after all)

He has no idea about what he is gonna do next (yep😎opening a Pani poori stall will work out)

Almost all my classmates and  parents were looking at me and what my dad is upto,having nothing to say I just acted like I am fine, went home and slept(my favorite work 😘)

Nivas called me but I didn't pick the phone(you know  why😑)

I totally hate myself(atlast😤)

*@night 7pm*

I woke up and went online

Changed my DP related to failure(and i am good at it😁)

Manga immediately😃 texted me "Are you ok, Nandu?"

I said whatever happened in Parents Teacher meet and
Started cursing myself,😬

She said "you are *innocent*, Nandu" (😲really?)

You will shine one day
And she tried to convince me  that i will  be okay,

But I was stubborn on my statement telling that i failed to make my parents happy(😔one day I will make my parents proud) .

She texted  *"i won't believe whatever you say because i know you*(🙁😧but how?).

Not just one time but I have seen you three times , you are a good person , and I am sure of it(😌)

I questioned How did you meet me ?

She started typing

I am was😉☺ excited at the same time
my mom called me for dinner(😫not now..)

So had to go offline

After eating I went online
Very eager to see where we have met(😀)

Well It's my bad luck (😉and i am full of it)

she left a message that she is running out of data balance  so she will text me tomorrow

My thoughts were like a cat sitting on a wall in dilemma .And i was  waiting for her reply

Next day in college, Nivas felt sorry for acts and whatever happened in Parents Teachers meet.(🙁well i think we are friends  again!)

But the faculties were right, i may spoil Nivas's studies( 😈i am little evil😆).

I started advising him that we should change more in terms of studies(thats Hypothetical😆)

(But i was determined to score in internals and upcoming exams🤓)

 we started listening class but not to long time we started playing again(😆i knew it).

At evening i was waiting for her message.

She was offline still

I texted a SMS to her to  come online

Being unresponsive,
I was worried about her
After sometime like a  miracle,
I got a call from her(😃😍OMG)

Immediately I took my phone and went to upstairs

She said "hi ,nandu"

What a dulcet voice😘 , from my childhood to till now I have never heard such a voice ,

I was so nervous,but it was so quiet in upstairs that *_I could fell The Breeze in her tone_*(😍this raised my heartbeat)

_*At the same time I was blanked out*_

I was just admiring  her tone chanting *"Hello"*,that I almost  forgot to reply 😅😘

She mistook that i was unable to hear her and hung up(😟why God why?😭)

I took a long breath that is enough to talk with her.

After getting my heartbeat normal

I called her
This time her DAD pick her call and said hello(Now her Dad!😭 looks like i have to deal with all the DADS in the world)

*If I hang up the call her dad would think so wrong of me  ,so I did not  speak anything for 30 seconds* (😫)

Manga's dad hung up the call

Whats next?

Click below link to know more

A Girl in My Tale Day 16
I have a positive  feeling that she would call back ✌🏻

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Saturday, 19 August 2017

A Girl in my tale day 14

Quote of the day

Everyone has their story


Atlast she replied,

 I(Nandu😇) started reading the message(with expectations of an apology for denying)
*click here to know the previous events of the story👉🏻  "Click here to read A Girl in my tale day 13"*

She stated that she did her schooling🚸 in Andhra added her father being an Government employee in Railway department got transferred here in Tamilnadu,

And she started  doing her degree in M N college

Being new to the environment ,she managed to make friends👭👬 in her college. All her friend told her not to trust anyone especially boys 

🤔Being in doubt i didn't want to know more of her personal info.

But still I decided to ask "Did you learn Tamil?😎 (Tamilzhanda)"
She replied me with a "no"😟

She texted "nandu I have problem

I will forget everything when I cry or when I get more stress

I use to write dairy daily

While I vacate my house I lost one of my dairy ,

I felt like I lost one of my  treasure , some laughed at me for telling that as treasure but only some know the importance of that
But I said my cousin to search for me he found that and send me

I don't know when will I forget you

That's the reason why I didn't tell much about me

Also I said na good bye it's because of that only

I have more fear of losing

Once if I cry  there maybe a chance of losing you and your memories

I won't tell to anyone else about this  only my family and my close friends here know about me

So I am really sorry Nandu

Don't mistake me"

But being blacked out i started searching on Google🤓 about the disease she suffers with
Atlast i found that she has Dissociative Amnesia
"I felt sorry for her, I don't know what to tell her 

But I want her to be happy always 

She should be a freebird

I don't know what to do 

But I will do something to make her happy"


 Being excited to go online ,She left me  going crazy with the  last message she sent saying that
"We have met before..!!!😱😱"

Now i don't think I can be peaceful with that statement by a girl whom I never knew...............

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