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Love doesn't make the world go 'round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile

I am Nandu , I was recently befriended by a girl named Manga .Who changed my life once and for all,i have  shared my past days with her in last chapters.
We planned to meet in Gandhipuram
I went early I was searching her in road
Suddenly someone holds my hand tightly in the crowd. I turned my head to see who was that It's a girl with green chudidhar with shall whole face was covered,She has shiny eyes
(Believe me or not when you see yourself in the special one's eyes you can see how much love they show after you)
She was telling me that "your brother is standing there don't turn back"

I got tensed

We walked few distance we din speak anything

We din speak anything

Hence I started conversation Manga?

She said I am not manga , I am her college friend

I thought her as manga since manga had told me about her appearance

Manga said she has curly hair , dimples , glasses

Same appearance that girl had

I asked her where is manga ?

She said she is on the way

Then I asked how you know me

She said manga told many things about you

I happy hear from her

Then I asked what she told about me

That girl din reply for that

As we were walking I asked her how you know my brother

She laughed and said that she lied

I was likeπŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

I got anger

Then I din speak anything

I took my phone and called manga to know where she was

Meanwhile when I dialed
I able to note that her phone ringing with some Telugu song  , she rapidly put her phone in silent

Then I understood that she is manga, she wanna play with me

I acted like I am not noticing anything

I asked her "when manga will come ?"

She said she don't know

We almost reached bustop

Then slowly I turned my head towards her

Took my present from my pocket

"Manga , wish you many more happy returns of the day ra, your my greatest strength and your absence is my weakness

I can't lose you at anytime

From the day you text me I  changed alot

You really diamond ra,..

Will you accept me?"

She was shocked she din speak anything

She just raised her eyebrows slightly and look over me

A mild breeze in morning , I felt a jasmine smell

Nothing than that

I asked my self 1000 times  before proposing her
Is it right
My heart said "idiot only she is right , without her your completely wrong
Never leave her at anytime"

Without telling anything she got into bus

I too get in

She seated in middle seat of bus

She was bit angry

So I seated back of her instead of sitting with her

She din turn back

I was fully sweat , also I was biting my nails in tension

She just looking window and waving her hair

Slowly bus started

Conductor was asking for ticket  to manga

She two tickets  and said conductor that one for me and my brother


Did she say me as brother  or she lied to conductor

I moved to her seat

I asked her manga you like me or not

Manga replied "Nandu , don't speak anything until I say please "

I am totally confused

After few minutes bus reached temple stop

She said our stop came

Let's go to temple

I said ok manga

We went to temple  by walking but we didn't speak anything

After praying God we both sat on the floor

Now she started speaking

"Nandu , how dare you propose me morning?,

Did I ask you to say ?

I din expect that from you nandu


I planned to propose you first

Since it's my birthday I planned to take you temple

But you spoiled my plan

I like you so much ra

I waited to say you first "

I raised my head and seen her eyes there were no lies full of love

I took deep breath

Manga said me to close my eyes and said me to give my right hand

I too followed her instructions

She placed a box on my hand and said me to open eyes
It's a gift she questioned me "can you guess?"
I said wait I will guess after opening itπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

She said smart

While she talking I opened the box it's a diary

I said manga I don't have habit of writing diary raπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

She said Nandu open that diary

I opened I able to note something is written with few drawings

Manga what it is about

She said Nandu open this when you miss me very badly

I replied "why I will miss my angel she is always with me"

Then as we were talking  it became evening it's time to go back

She forgot about my gift

I wished manga happy birthday manga and presented my gift

I packed so big

She thought it as pen

I said to open

She opened it , she got surprised since it's a ring
I written as diamond for my diamond πŸ˜‰

She questioned me that "how I got that ring"

I said I went part-time job for 4 months

She got angry

She questioned me "did I ask you for ring ?

Why do you wanna do like thisπŸ˜”
I don't want our love to be like give and get
Also I don't want your money I need only you

I want we both to succeed , we should be the example of how to live that's it "

I tried to convince manga but she din get convinced

Then I said her manga it's my first gift so don't reject it ra

She stared and me and said ok

When she was moving from me she don't want to say bye her eyes were wet

She acted like she is fine ,
But truth is we can't move from there
I felt like we lived hundred years there

Finally my fairy tale girl became my girl

One dimension of Manga and Nandu coming to end


But two years gone

Now I don't know where is she now
What she is doing

I only have her few gift

And her memories

One day I accidentally opened the diary which she gave me as the first gift

In that she had collection of all her memories

She have written about me , her home her grandparents everything in drawings at end she written whatever happens never leave me Nandu

I can't control my tears I am just thinking what to do now

Then I got an idea to search her in her home town

I packed my luggages came from home

Now I have her diary , my mobile phone and her memories

I gonna start searching her from her place where she left me in next part

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unknown :) said…
Good flow, gripping suspense, waiting for the next episode :) hope you still remember who i am... :D
unknown :) said…
Good flow, gripping suspense, waiting for next... :D

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