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Five signs indicates you will be rich one day

Everyone wishes to be a millionaire one day , Some will aim for a luxury car , Own house or something else . Only few will achieve that in short time . To know how they achieve lets get into this topic .
Five sign's of millionaire:Millionaire have five sign's which make them to achieve their target in short span. They are
Implementation   Millionaires will never take much time to implement their idea's . Those will be rapid in applying their idea's.Analyzing
Millionaire able to analyse good's and bad's of particular thing or human . They predict before doing a work.Decision making
Decision making is essential skill to be a millionaire . Decision making plays major role in millionaire life if he or she can't take right decision in critical time the whole plan would be spoiled . Thus Decision making is important sign of rich people.Creativity
 Creativity is essential skill which a millionaire. Creativity sign will take a person to next level. successful people can …

Now She is in ,...

Now she is in ,..
From the bridge or across the hills  Between my street or in my heart! With her dad or in my care Loving me or hating me... But she is in me .... Now she is in my air ,...


Disclaimer:This post is not just written just by words , among everyone there few will have story of   loving someone whom we have never talked, This post is dedicated for those people,.It is continuation of my previous blog men in distance love,.

Dream Girl: What else a boy need to fall in love when he see a girl  with curly hair ,with chubby cheeks , baby pink skin and heart stealing,. I should tell this now still I have fear to talk with her. There is tons of doubt in her name so  I named her as "Santhana" she is special ofcourse very special  to me.
There were few boys who wait for her girl to girl to start his day till end of the day in phone call or message , but for me seeing her expression from 10 feet away makes my day. Infact she made me complete ,.
Boys won't sit in class more than half day in free hour but when he fall in love he will sit simply for more than 3 hour in one place just to walk behind his girl ,That's me.
I lost my oxygen when she looks behind me…