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SPECIAL THANKS: I should thank almighty for making me feel better. I should thank my parents for supporting me.I should thank my friend who made me stand though I lost. I should personally thank a special person who is responsible for all my post.

Long drive with you
You and me in my bike Through narrow roads and throttling tones Slow ride it is and more to talk Your mersmering voice gave good feel you gave silent kisses  Also tight hugs  while I drive made my days
It's our nth journey  Our road full of memories  Fresh air around us No space between us Long roads which my bike love Lasting hugs which I love
Between you and me There comes an awesome chemistry  When I heard your voice  In my favourite song When you say about those days
Now it's evening  Slowly sun hides his shade I am stunned in your beauty  Like a white pearl in the sea I am blank when you smile  Searching for air to breath I can't say anything to you  But inside I am melting for you dear

I saw the moon  But it don't match your beau…

Love feel's

Love feel's If you said your name with my name, I will give you meaning of your life.

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You cannot taste success untill your parents proud of you.         -Nalen
For Mantra's for life click here


I just want you to hold my hand and say "I love you" though it's my last day


Let it sweatLet it sweat from my eyes with a tears which values my success Let it sweat, from my mind with hard work which drives me right Let it sweat from my hand with pain and wears moulding my work Let it sweat from my work
with noise and praise behind my back
Let it sweat from my success
which lives though I am pass

Mantra's for life

Mantra's for life:

1) Accept the failure as a lesson.

2) Work with dedication skip obstacles with a smile.

3)Never waste your time for someone unless they worth you.

4) Trust people's action than words.

5)Never believe in promise.

6)Take deep breath when you feel stress.

7) Break all boundaries if you need to win.

8) Don't chase in people by wasting your time.


Disclaimer:This blog post doesn't relate to my personal life and anyone who related to me. I just got a chance to say show how people suffer in may comment your opinion below after reading this. You may follow my blog if you like those post

A BAD TIME STORY.,The time was 6'o clock My alarm breakdown I was rushing  To go for my work,
Ray's of sun Hit's hard on my face I swallow my food With planning what to do yet?
Beyond the traffic  I was running late on time Between the clay road's  And behind stagnant pool's
As I reach my busstop Bus yet arrives  Time run's late  Later bus turns my side It's too rush  I have no other go So I stood on footboard
I fallen before I reach my stop So I got help from someone who was like a god to me,
Further I ran across the gate Thank God it din close yet Next I entered class I got notified  Today is my class test I just wrote what they thought Later classes drained my dreaming thought

I waited for evening bell's Soon it ring's as I wish


This is not related to my personal life and anyone.This is done only with imagination.Like ,share and comment after reading this,


I am alone in bus

Nothing in my mind
Your words on my ears
And tears on my eyes

You said you need me forever

But now you left me alone forever
I thought it's just a nightmares
But pains just nailed me
Now it broken my heart
And said my soul to rest in peace

I just want your three words

Which sounds so good
Makes me feel 
As I am so blessed

But now bleeding from my soul

As Pains in my heart
I run so far 
To search you somewhere

But that fact is ....

I cared you like as a kid

You just stolen my breath
I trust you blindly from my heart
You just throws me as you hate

Now I am searching for the day

Which steals my heart
But there I see is footprint path
The days were to short but not the pain
My love may fail but not dead
Waiting for your comeback in my life...