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Boy's in distance love

This post may or may not be related to my life. I have written this in my view.Hence you can share your comments below.
Distance love
Love is magical . It give you confidence , makes you to feel you have something also love is unpredictable . Its a God's blessings. 
Love may come from various sources in many way . In this today I am going to share my experience in distance love.  First of all I want to tell Distance love is possible . Love without seeing each other , only text and voice it's best feeling. You can feel he (or) she in your palm in a phone as message or photo. Now let's come to my topic.

Boy's in distance love
Boys use to sacrifice more during love, they will do anything to make his girl smile. Only boys know how they feel inside.
No one knows that boys are really sentimentally weak.
Probably boys will fall in love more in beauty but also there are some boys who search for caring heart.

There is fact that boys will fall in love without seeing a girl , …

How to revenge your enemy?

Hi friends you may have faced somany problems in your life , infact you may be disappointed in certain circumstances and lose yourself because of a person. You would have read karma is a boomerang . It happens if someone who made you to trapped in stress , he will deserve his own karma. If you started worrying about your problem you can't find you . So follow my steps to defeat your enemy.
Never think about old things which disturbs you.Focus on your goal without caring about your queries, Infact when you go in right path you will find somany problems so you no need to worry of that.When someone dominates you , you have to ignore them without revenging them , because it's totally waste of your time.If your profession becomes stress then  move to your passion right ahead.If someone breaks your opportunity ,you no need to worry because you will deserve better place than that.If someone stoles your work , from next time you just work in silence without​ telling them
And finally I cam…