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A Girl in my tale day 8

Quote of the day
If a girl says everything to you it mean you are trustworthy for her

This post is continuation of A Girl in my tale day 7(click here to read previous post)

I said Manga that I don't know anything about her

Manga  replied " she will tell now and started telling one by one"

I was so excited of hearing

She said "she is studying BE computer science"

I replied as" I know"

She said "In her family she ,mom and dad"

I replied as "I know"

She said "she hate love"

I replied "I know"

She said "she is my senior"

I replied "haha I know"

She got anger and sended some annoying emoticons

I texted "then what ?"

She was continuously typing I can feel she is in anger

I don't know what to do that time

I sended some cute emoticons to compromise her

But plan flop 

After one minute gap
She replied "then what, your head"

And she also said me, "you know everything then, why you said you don…


Quote of the dayNever mess up with your girl, she can remember everything

This post is continuation of A Girl in my tale day 6(click here to read previous post)

Strawberry asked me a  question

"If your lover come in your life again and ordered you not to talk with me" , what you will do ?

I din take much time I replied "I will what my girl says"

She got hyped I can able to see how fast she typed that moment

I don't know "what made her angry?"

She was typing typing and typing

Almost for three minutes

Finally she sended me her message

She said "when Hari come in my life again and asked me to stop texting you  I will block him immediately  for you because he left me in hard time you lifted me up in right time , so for me he is not important your important than him ๐Ÿ˜‘
But for you she is only important na , go she will be waiting for you in dreams not on reality 

Enough ๐Ÿ˜ž"

One of the hardest message I ever read in life

I got very emotional that time 

I said he…

A Girl in my tale day 6

Quote of the dayWhen you start loving a person for some reason you will never find a reason to hate them

This post is continuation of Girl in my tale day 5(click here to read previous post)

When she said me to call her with her name.

 I felt like our friendship Gone to next level .,

Next day I was thinking of her in class from morning till evening 
I was totally excited about her because I never called a girl with special name ,.
I was waited for evening to go home to text her 
I texted "hi" and waited for her reply
She din come online
Time is draining slowly 5:45pm to 6:45pm

She texted "hi ๐Ÿ˜”" 
I asked her "what happened?" She said "her hand where injured while using knife so bleeding in finger"
I said her to apply Bandage
She said she applied turmeric powder 

I liked her innocence, she is very simple
I said her to take rest 
She said she is texting in her left hand
I asked "why you straining?"
She said no problem for me ๐Ÿ˜Š
Then she asked…

Now then and forever...

Suffering alone
Not in this world
So deep in my ๐Ÿ’“

Waiting so long for my death
Just to know how you feel๐Ÿ˜”

You didn't leave me
But you are not with me now

Dust may fade
Do memories fade?

Day and night
I close my eyes
Holding my tears
Can't act as I am fine
You are mine
Where you are now?

I rest my soul
Where you left me
So that you may know
How much I need you
Now and
You are my girl in this tale
Thanks for reading my post comment your favourite person whom you want forever

A Girl in My Tale Day 5

Quote of the dayFaith makes all things possible... love makes all things easy.

This post is the continuation of 
A Girl in My Tale Day 4(click here to read previous post)
I can't forget this day

like usual day 
I texted her evening as "hi  mam" She to said "hi" 
Then after bla bla  text  She offered me an good deal 
She said "if you din speak about Hari you can call me with my name as a friend"
Omg I don't know how to react but quite happy 
I agreed for that deal 
Then like other men I to asked for her number 
She questioned "why you need my number ?"
It's very simple question, but I don't know "why I asked ?"
So I changed topics 
I asked her full name 
She said her name "Manga ------- ------------" 
Still I don't know how to pronounce her name
I said my full name as  "Nanda Kumar"
Time is almost 9:00pm 
I can huge difference in her text  from day one to day five
Our friendship  gone to next level 
She said "we ta…

A Girl in My Tale Day 4

Quotes of the day "Waiting for loved one increases love twice than you expect"
This post is continuation of A Girl in My Tale Day 3
February 22 2016
I went to college boring lectures ,fun with friends  and slept little in Fluid mechanics class,
After Suddenly I started thinking of Strawberry and Hari
What happened between then ? why they where not talking now ?
I can feel How close strawberry and Hari Parallel is not just a word its set of mixed care and freindship
That's why she said him as parallel?
I was so confused . Waiting for evening to text her.
Since I am wifi boy . I hate using mobile data .
As I was thinking of them classes over, I was rushing to bus Luckily I got window seat along with my headset makes me to think more and more about Hari.
Time is 6pm  I texted hi mam She came online texted me hey

I asked her to tell more about Hari
She got angry and gave a good lecture for 10 minute 
Later she said Hari is her best friend . But Hari loved her . 
she said She wanted him as frie…

A Girl in My Tale Day 3

Quote of the day"You can't control Love when you find right person"

This post is continuation of A Girl in My Tale Day 2(click here to read previous chapter)

Its February 21 2016 sunday 
We had more time to text 

We started with our text 

"Good morning , what you doing ,..."

Then She asked about my family 

I said in" me , mom, dad and bro"

She said me "lucky" suddenly 

I questioned her "why???"

She said she don't have any siblings to share  her feelings,.

She is Little emotional at that time ,.

Later  after few topics discussion I questioned her, 
"Do u have a boy friend ?"

She gave  interesting  reply
she said  "I don't believe in love ,I seen in front of my eyes How people suffer in love  so I hate it
I won't talk with boys unnecessarily "

She also said" one of her friend torture his boy friend to get this and that so she don't like to torture anyone,."

I am so confused by her reply , since I thought l…

A Girl in My Tale Day 2

Quote of the day"If age does not matters in love your love has everything"

This post is continuation of A Girl in My Tale(click her to read previous post)

Its feb 20 2016 
Time almost 9 am , 
She texted me "good morning "

We asked what we both were doing 
bla bla bla,...
 she asked me "What I was studying?"

I replied "I was doing BE Mech (mechanical engineering second year)"

When I asked her "what she was studying?"

Almost for 5 minutes she didn't text me anything,.
I thought it was over, so I thought to do some work

omg!!suddenly She started typing which was totally unexpected 

She said she was doing Computer science engineering third year

She said "she was my senior "

She sent some smileys and asked me to call her "mam"

I refused it but Its was impossible  convince an Angry bird and Finally I accepted to called her "mam "

We don't know at that moment ,How close we were then. 
To know what happened next wait someti…

A Girl in My Tale Day 1

Behind every success stories there remains an untold story. I had a girl who lifted me up, when I  couldn't stand on my own .

Hence I titled this story as " _A Girl in My Tale_" . This whole story is dedicated to my Girl.

Its all about Pure distant love.
And a thrilling love that made me go crazy sometimes๐Ÿ˜

Its about My dream girl
Day 1
It all started in Feb 19 2016 , I am Nanda who lived my life without any commitments . I think it could be 7:35pm .

While i was taking tea, I received a message . 
From an unknown contact " Hi, 
I am Manga,
who are you" (well looks like a Girl's name๐Ÿ˜)
In Hike messenger  there is a feature called *Match-up*  where we can talk with stranger without their number(i thought thats how she would have got interest in me๐Ÿ˜•)

I got excited since I never talked to any girl before,  other than my school mates .(since girls doesn't volunteer to message boys, i should be๐Ÿ˜ƒ) 

I replied"Hi ,.
How are you"
we started our Conversat…

Love is blind

DisclaimerThis post is not related to my personal life. If you like my blog you can show your love by subscribing and commenting. I am eager to see both positive and negative comments. If you like my post you can share it Love is blindMy love is blind 
Yes it is 
I don't see her face
But loved her care
My care is blind
I will give more and more
Though she din need
My love waiting for her
Maybe on her heat
Or under her feet
Who cares of wealth
I care only her health
Let her smile towards me
With a cute dimples over me
Which seeded my heart as like a tree
Let me tell her name now
I don't know how my pinky will stare over me and me and me .....

Three teacher's for Life

Three teacher's for LifeIn life we face many teacher's who teach us many things . But there are three things which teach us what is life . These three will teach us what is important. If you like this article you  can comment and share. If you agree this you can subscribe our blog.

1) Empty stomach
Life is not so easy as you think and hard as you feel , Life is everything . Probably In life every one would  realized importance in hunger atleast once . Empty stomach and empty pocket  can make you feel ,what you are ?  Hence it will be the best teacher of life.

2) Coming from homeYou cannot realize the importance of home until you come away from home . Surviving without your home is not so easy as you think . You have to lose many things . When you feel like you hating home , then try this come out of your home with less money search for food and rooms . People who comes for job by leaving family knows how hard it is.

3) Loneliness Yes staying alone is not so easy without depending ot…

Don't go away from me

You dont go away from me
You are my eyes  in front
You are my life
I am suffering without you
Like a root of the tree I become rooted with you love is really  painful I understood that From you now First time from my mistake I don't know why I changed Other than you in earth I think everything is waste Until time changes
you making me to hold
Gave me love
and don't know why you leaving
Without killing me don't kill me with your love Inside my soul Daily when I see you You are hiding in me Without any question Vast Love is coming when I join with you My life becomes colorful  To live with you This birth is not enough for me