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If This is My World

DisclaimerThis post is written in my point of view. I specifically mention that humans are meant to be live free .
If This is My WorldIf this is my world I would seeded something Instead destroying that
If this is my world I would trusted all Instead trusting few
If this is my world I would rise my voice Without hiding my feeling
If this is my world I would have searched for my happiness Instead of searching money
If it is my world I would openly mirror my attitude Instead of bowing down
If it is my world I would have travelled everywhere Instead of planning
If this is my world I would support people Instead of seeing news
Since I can't do anything Because I am under control of someone It is not my world So I am writing this  To compromise myself
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Writing My Own Life

Disclaimer This post may directly relate my life. If  You felt same as I felt you may comment below. Though I fail I never give up , since still I have time to prove this world  . I wish those who left me should see this.

Writing My Own LifeI am tired of being fake
Hiding my pain so deepActing as fine as  I see them
I bowed my head  As much I can  But stabbed hard  With name of Love and Care

I wondered my friends  like a stars They left me before  I see my sunrise
I tried to dissolve myself When I am alone  Stress over flows   I can't handle those Losing myself in something
I studied more and gained something Because of comparison  I lost my passions  Let me come out of this 
I experimented many things  But I failed in all Though I fail I never mind
Now I am running here  with my life  To safeguard myself from this society
As I run  with my dream  I am writing my life To this world  Am I fit 
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To my friend

When People change with a change

One will lift you up and
guides you right

That's your friend