Friday, 24 February 2017

Writing My Own Life


This post may directly relate my life. If  You felt same as I felt you may comment below. Though I fail I never give up , since still I have time to prove this world  . I wish those who left me should see this.

Writing My Own Life

I am tired of being fake
Hiding my pain so deepActing as fine as  I see them

I bowed my head 
As much I can 
But stabbed hard 
With name of Love and Care

I wondered my friends 
like a stars
They left me before 
I see my sunrise

I tried to dissolve myself
When I am alone 
Stress over flows  
I can't handle those
Losing myself in something

I studied more and gained something
Because of comparison 
I lost my passions 
Let me come out of this 

I experimented many things 
But I failed in all
Though I fail I never mind

Now I am running here 
with my life 
To safeguard myself
from this society

As I run 
with my dream 
I am writing my life
To this world 
Am I fit 

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ranjeesha s said...

Nic thought . i can feel the pain of the poet 😥😥

Unknown said...


priya naidu said...

Evn it suits for me too

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