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A Girl in my tale day 11

Quote of the day

Girl will only give her number if she trust you

Next morning I got woke up at 5:50 am

I was searching for my mobile on sofa corner, I took my mobile

I was able to note that my mobile was blinking with 5 messages and 28 hike conversation

Which I would see first ?

Of course I seen hike messages she gave me her number finally 

She sended her number around 11:50 pm , but unfortunately I slept at 10pm

She waited for me to text her 

I was offline so she texted me in private chat

"Hi nandu
This is my number
Don't share with anyone
Don't call me please"

I replied" Hi manga(strawberry)
I won't misuse your number'

Then I opened those 5 message
I thought those messages where from customer care
Its her  
 She also send me same message in offline by way to sms

She cares me more than customer care

 It's a medical miracle

It takes 2 weeks for a boy like me to get a girls number

I was so excited about that ......

After getting ready I went college 

I can't keep my mouth shut
So I said about her to Nivas (my best friend who will do anything for me)

He beaten me for hiding her two weeks

He started questioning about her

I said
"She is manga(strawberry)
She is our senior
She use to help me in studies....."

Nivas gave a pleasant smile

He asked me "then who am I?"

I said
" your male friend

She is girl+ friend"

He stared over me

Then he ask me so she is your girl friend right?

I replied" she is my mam😂"

He gave me such reaction which still in my heart

Then like my routine college was boring

I was thinking how she gave me her number?

Whenever I think of her I only get question marks , no answers for my question

Only she have to tell me answer untill that I can't find anything

So I was waiting for evening chat

After going home I  texted her Hi

For the first time she texted me "sorry nandu"

Do anyone know why she said me sorry

If you know comment below

If no 
Click below link to see  my next post😂😂

A Girl in my tale day 12

Thanks for reading friends

I know it's too late , I will post upcoming post very soon .

Have a nice day.


priya dhundigam said…
post ur next post soon buddy..😊
Ajith D Doozy said…
It takes barely a day or two to get a girl's number dude..two weeks is a lot.
I hope its worth that long..��
Kabil V said…
Good going.
Keep it up.....
She apologised yu for .... Making long gap for storing ur number in her phone ��
She apologised for you for... Taking this much time to store your number in her contact list and making you feel bad...

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