Wednesday, 9 August 2017

A Girl in my tale day 11

Quote of the day

Girl will only give her number if she trust you

Next morning I got woke up at 5:50 am

I was searching for my mobile on sofa corner, I took my mobile

I was able to note that my mobile was blinking with 5 messages and 28 hike conversation

Which I would see first ?

Of course I seen hike messages she gave me her number finally 

She sended her number around 11:50 pm , but unfortunately I slept at 10pm

She waited for me to text her 

I was offline so she texted me in private chat

"Hi nandu
This is my number
Don't share with anyone
Don't call me please"

I replied" Hi manga(strawberry)
I won't misuse your number'

Then I opened those 5 message
I thought those messages where from customer care
Its her  
 She also send me same message in offline by way to sms

She cares me more than customer care

 It's a medical miracle

It takes 2 weeks for a boy like me to get a girls number

I was so excited about that ......

After getting ready I went college 

I can't keep my mouth shut
So I said about her to Nivas (my best friend who will do anything for me)

He beaten me for hiding her two weeks

He started questioning about her

I said
"She is manga(strawberry)
She is our senior
She use to help me in studies....."

Nivas gave a pleasant smile

He asked me "then who am I?"

I said
" your male friend

She is girl+ friend"

He stared over me

Then he ask me so she is your girl friend right?

I replied" she is my mam๐Ÿ˜‚"

He gave me such reaction which still in my heart

Then like my routine college was boring

I was thinking how she gave me her number?

Whenever I think of her I only get question marks , no answers for my question

Only she have to tell me answer untill that I can't find anything

So I was waiting for evening chat

After going home I  texted her Hi

For the first time she texted me "sorry nandu"

Do anyone know why she said me sorry

If you know comment below

If no 
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A Girl in my tale day 12

Thanks for reading friends

I know it's too late , I will post upcoming post very soon .

Have a nice day.


priya dhundigam said...

post ur next post soon buddy..๐Ÿ˜Š

Ajith D Doozy said...

It takes barely a day or two to get a girl's number dude..two weeks is a lot.
I hope its worth that long..��

Karthi keyan said...

Wow nice๐Ÿ˜Ž

Kabil V said...

Good going.
Keep it up.....

sowmiya ponnusamy said...

She apologised yu for .... Making long gap for storing ur number in her phone ��

sowmiya ponnusamy said...

She apologised for you for... Taking this much time to store your number in her contact list and making you feel bad...

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