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A Girl in My Tale Day 15

Quote of the day

Waiting are pure sign's of love

Now i don't think I can be peaceful😲 with that statement by a girl whom I never knew..........

*To know the previous events of this Episode click here*"A Girl in my tale Day 14"*

Before enquiring she was offline, With no options left i went to sleep(i tried to sleep after all),

I went to college thinking how did She get to meet me and i didn't? 🤔

Going to college, i was still thinking about the *where did you meet me?* question that i am about to ask her
What if she says         ' *_In my  dreams_* '(Bad joke😅)

The biggest  question that haunts me is
*Whether boy like me,will forget a girl?*

The answer is *No way*, if I see her I would never even think of forgetting her.

I forgot to mention you guys that this is Parents Teachers meet we were having in college.

As usual in Parents Teachers  meet   my College faculties raged against me(that's not new for me😏)

They were like "Your son is always talking, Never  listens the classes(Not my problem 😎), eating and sleeping during class hours (Thats what i do😇)

And he is spoiling  Nivas's studies too.."(😳really?)

_They didn't know  that Nivas is the only reason that i am still dumb_☹

I saw My parents😵 starring at me (Run for your life😱)

Inside me adrenaline started pumping  too high but i had to act as I am fine

But I still don't know what would  happen after i reach home(its India 😒duh,parents rule here).

At the same time Nivas was laughing as faculties complain over me(😠He just started  a war).

Looking at his Happy face, as if his dreams came true for this semester(🔪No mercy for him anymore ).

My dad  looked at me with his *Hitler* face(😱not that face).

My Father started conversation with my faculty(Betrayal to its fullest 😢)

" Nandu  never studied at home, and he is fully in to his socially connected world (😏phone?).

I don't know what he will do in future.(🤔I was thinking about  a Pani Poori stall,being an Engineer after all)

He has no idea about what he is gonna do next (yep😎opening a Pani poori stall will work out)

Almost all my classmates and  parents were looking at me and what my dad is upto,having nothing to say I just acted like I am fine, went home and slept(my favorite work 😘)

Nivas called me but I didn't pick the phone(you know  why😑)

I totally hate myself(atlast😤)

*@night 7pm*

I woke up and went online

Changed my DP related to failure(and i am good at it😁)

Manga immediately😃 texted me "Are you ok, Nandu?"

I said whatever happened in Parents Teacher meet and
Started cursing myself,😬

She said "you are *innocent*, Nandu" (😲really?)

You will shine one day
And she tried to convince me  that i will  be okay,

But I was stubborn on my statement telling that i failed to make my parents happy(😔one day I will make my parents proud) .

She texted  *"i won't believe whatever you say because i know you*(🙁😧but how?).

Not just one time but I have seen you three times , you are a good person , and I am sure of it(😌)

I questioned How did you meet me ?

She started typing

I am was😉☺ excited at the same time
my mom called me for dinner(😫not now..)

So had to go offline

After eating I went online
Very eager to see where we have met(😀)

Well It's my bad luck (😉and i am full of it)

she left a message that she is running out of data balance  so she will text me tomorrow

My thoughts were like a cat sitting on a wall in dilemma .And i was  waiting for her reply

Next day in college, Nivas felt sorry for acts and whatever happened in Parents Teachers meet.(🙁well i think we are friends  again!)

But the faculties were right, i may spoil Nivas's studies( 😈i am little evil😆).

I started advising him that we should change more in terms of studies(thats Hypothetical😆)

(But i was determined to score in internals and upcoming exams🤓)

 we started listening class but not to long time we started playing again(😆i knew it).

At evening i was waiting for her message.

She was offline still

I texted a SMS to her to  come online

Being unresponsive,
I was worried about her
After sometime like a  miracle,
I got a call from her(😃😍OMG)

Immediately I took my phone and went to upstairs

She said "hi ,nandu"

What a dulcet voice😘 , from my childhood to till now I have never heard such a voice ,

I was so nervous,but it was so quiet in upstairs that *_I could fell The Breeze in her tone_*(😍this raised my heartbeat)

_*At the same time I was blanked out*_

I was just admiring  her tone chanting *"Hello"*,that I almost  forgot to reply 😅😘

She mistook that i was unable to hear her and hung up(😟why God why?😭)

I took a long breath that is enough to talk with her.

After getting my heartbeat normal

I called her
This time her DAD pick her call and said hello(Now her Dad!😭 looks like i have to deal with all the DADS in the world)

*If I hang up the call her dad would think so wrong of me  ,so I did not  speak anything for 30 seconds* (😫)

Manga's dad hung up the call

Whats next?

Click below link to know more

A Girl in My Tale Day 16
I have a positive  feeling that she would call back ✌🏻

Thank you guys for visiting my site,
Comment below about your favorite  events of this story that is connected to your life....


Bala Kumar said…
What is the meaning of dulcet?? Nice conversation but still eargely waiting to hear where she met you!!
Anonymous said…
What a come back! Nandu
Makes me to sit back and wait eagerly for the next episode

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