Sunday, 9 July 2017

A Girl in My Tale Day 1


Behind every success stories there remains an untold story. I had a girl who lifted me up, when I  couldn't stand on my own .

Hence I titled this story as " _A Girl in My Tale_" . This whole story is dedicated to my Girl.

Its all about Pure distant love.

And a thrilling love that made me go crazy sometimes😁

Its about My dream girl

Day 1

It all started in Feb 19 2016 , I am Nanda who lived my life without any commitments . I think it could be 7:35pm .

While i was taking tea, I received a message . 

From an unknown contact " Hi, 

I am Manga,

who are you" (well looks like a Girl's name😐)

In Hike messenger  there is a feature called *Match-up*  where we can talk with stranger without their number(i thought thats how she would have got interest in me😕)

I got excited since I never talked to any girl before,  other than my school mates .(since girls doesn't volunteer to message boys, i should be😃) 

I replied"Hi ,.

How are you"

we started our Conversation(😊)

I came to realize that her mother tongue is Telugu and i amTamil.(Now its really unusual and i really started to doubt😏 it as a prank)

(But the conversation was convincing and seemed legit😎)

Later during the chat, I came to know that we both were same age but (God played his little game on me😢) she is 4 months elder to me.(well i think that's not a problem, nowadays 😜)

I don't want to mention her name so let her full name be my *Strawberry*(💕🍓)

I won't forget the date ,till I die because that *Hi* changed my life to a blogger .

            _The continuation will be posted in the upcoming post_

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Diseños Artesanales said...

Story with a good start!
Let's wait for day 2.

Historia con buen comienzo!
Esperemos al día 2. Abrazos.

karthick Kumar said...

1st time read a real love story in simple English , without any over expose ...... waiting for ah next story...... keep gng dude

Naresh Kumar SR said...

Nice one.....u express ur life of day 1 in simple way....the way of u share the love story is great and am waiting for the upcoming day for the beautiful love stories of urs...😎😎😎

Ajith D Doozy said...

Good start dude...except more from you.

Mathan MSD said...

That was a good one ... Simply superb... Best wishes dood

Sathish Bharathi said...

Really interesting....

Nivethitha Thiruvasagam said...

On tenterhooks to read the next post...

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