Thursday, 1 December 2016


This is not related to my personal life and anyone.This is done only with imagination.Like ,share and comment after reading this,


I am alone in bus

Nothing in my mind
Your words on my ears
And tears on my eyes

You said you need me forever

But now you left me alone forever
I thought it's just a nightmares
But pains just nailed me
Now it broken my heart
And said my soul to rest in peace

I just want your three words

Which sounds so good
Makes me feel 
As I am so blessed

But now bleeding from my soul

As Pains in my heart
I run so far 
To search you somewhere

But that fact is ....

I cared you like as a kid

You just stolen my breath
I trust you blindly from my heart
You just throws me as you hate

Now I am searching for the day

Which steals my heart
But there I see is footprint path
The days were to short but not the pain
My love may fail but not dead
Waiting for your comeback in my life...

I just bend my legs 

Rise my arms and
Gave my heart as I am telling "I love you"
But you flicked it 
Under your heal 
And crushed as saying "you hate me"

Your memories rises in my mind before I wake

You pain killing me though I sleep
I want to capture you with my eyes 
Filter the pictures with your smile
Nothing will be needed till I live ..
I just want to know"how much you care me?"

Just come in my life with a smile

I will accept the death though you kill
Let my dreams fulfill 
Or else bury my soul with your stars

Now I am writing my letter

With how i feel
She turns this page 
When I am out of this 
This is my life.....

This is from a romantically challenged person who just counting his days .....,

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Sujith R said...

Super da nanda

King Makker said...

Super machi

Naresh Kumar SR said...

Mass lines and i think this not a will be real one....i guess

Naresh Kumar SR said...

Mass will not be ftiction i guess... because u write this from ur heart


Nice one...
While reading this.., got some old memories..!!


Nice one...
While reading this, got some old memories..!!

Shalli Priya said...

Bro semma bro epdi ipdilaam... It's really awesome... Ur true feelings super bro...lovely.

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