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A Girl in My Tale Day 17

Quote of the day

The worst thing in life is getting failed in front of special one, Best thing in life is still they like you and supporting you to win

This story is about me(Nandu) and a girl named Manga

Click here to know the previous happenings of the story "A Girl in My Tale Day 16"(clickhere to read older post)


Second time "I came to your college cultures with my neighbor, aunt who is a lecturer in the CS department

I have seen senior boys were ragging junior

I was looking how seniors ragging juniors

That time two junior girls crossed those seniors

They too were being ragged at that place

Seniors where fully drunken those drunken money's asked their names of those two girls and their department

Those girls replied them by telling everything along with mentioning those monkeys as a brother

Suddenly they said I am your brother right give your WhatsApp number

Those girls and even I was shocked

The girls looked into their faces and they ran away

Those monkeys shouting them to stop running they didn't look back

Suddenly I noticed two boys crossing them

Those monkeys told them to call those girls

One boy vigorously said if you need you go and talk

I know after hearing that those girls laughed at them and went

But that two boys struck there

Those monkeys asked who are you? and what department you are?

That boy said he is a Mechanical second year by raising his voice

Immediately one of the drunken monkey pulled his shirt collar and pinched that boy's ear
Then one monkey senior, said they were final year mechanical

They ragged that boy for what he replied
That boy struck there 

He was silent while them rag

But at least they gave him left and right
No use for his silence

I was so happy for his reply, but more than that I worried for him since they beat him and ragged him like hell

I can remember Nandu

Even you can remember right

One who got ragged is you
Am I right?

Almost one week gone into searching her

Finally, I found her home , but i cannot see her

I started admiring her character 

I don't have any idea about who she is?

But I felt like God has given her, since to make me feel special

From evening now we use to text more and more
Almost till 1 pm sometimes
I can feel more difference in myself, if she comes online late, I feel like I am the one who is alone
While she calls me Nandu, I feel like I am the one who have everything in the world

I started getting addicted to her care 
Her presence makes me feel better than whom I am

The very next morning she said Nandu, I have seen you and your mom in my dream yesterday
I don't know how we met, but it's a beach
You introduced me to your mom
Your mom is very sweet
We both spoke something about you
Your mom told me to care you always
After sometime you said me to join with you in your Pulsar bike
I said no
But your mom said he will care you always I don't worry
So I came to you for a small ride
While we ride my alarm ringed I woke up "

I am so excited I started asking more questions too   her

She said don't know anything than that and went offline
I can't keep calm
I called her
She attended my phone at that time
I asked her *Hi Meera shall we meet tomorrow*
She din speaks anything she just cut off my phone call
Is this my last call....

lol no

Few moments I waited for her reply
She didn't come online
At the same time it's too late night
Hence, I slept

The next morning I have seen my phone blinking with 3 notifications
Two missed call from Meera
Along with that, her message
I just opened the message
She said if time grants a chance, let's meet
I was talking about her with Nivas
While we were talking

One of my friend *Karthi* interfered in my conversation
He started questioning me who is she
He asked me to tell everything thing in brief
I said she is my friend who knows everything
He just trimmed my words and started creating rumours like "Nandu said Meera as his everything"
Within few days I started questioning myself
Am I loving her
Why should she need to cheer me alone

Why we met
Day by Day the questions go so long
And my conversation changes
I started being over attached to her
I know how she will reply to my text
I started living my life along with her
Phone calls last longer and longer
One day she asked me, shall we meet coming Saturday
This is most expected, but I don' expect within a few days
I said sure sure sure Meera
Though I said ok, but I am not sure that I will impress her
Since a number of girls I talked on the phone is zero other than her
Being a mechanical engineering boy I don't know how to behave in front of the girl
Hence, I sought Karthi to help me

   - _To be continued on the next post_

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