Monday, 1 May 2017

How to live life happily

How to live life happy?

Many of the person have this question. Probably kids are happiest persons they lose people when they grow almost 80 people among hundred don't know what they were doing? 
This is only due to teen and adulthood​ . Almost we would have lossed our friends , family will not take care during this time that is the main reason.

To live happy you don't need more money luxury car . To live happy you just need caring people around you.
Just acceptance is essential for that.

If you hate your life live for one who loves you . Care your parents ,play with children's , what else a man need when his smile is true.
Smartphone has made us weak , we just wanna move with what we have , do the work with passion that will give you happiness.

Thanks for reading friend.

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