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This post is inspired from true stories . Read this fully and comment your opinion , also share with your friend . Let's make a promise to support women.


Both men and women should be treated in this world . But men's actually dominating women and spoiling their aim, career and dreams with name of sentiment . This is due to various factors. Let's discuss in brief ,..

Domination in her dressing

Women is weaker sex from her birth she has to sacrifice many thing for her father, brother ,boy friend or husband . They actually feared of society since because of men domination. she is not permitted to wear her favorite dresses .  This is because of cheap men . She can't walk in crowded places in morning  also can't walk in silent street,. For this men's should feel shame not women.

Domination in Decision making 

Women are easily convinced  so men's use to force with their decisions. Either by hashing  or by giving psychological stress such as blackmailing . Women will break their decision because of these stress . Those men think that they have won but they don't know how much women will feel for their broken dreams .

Domination in Education

Women are treated with partiality by her parents . If a family has both male and female children in their family. Father fulfills his dream with male child where as female child had given minimum education though she is good in education . Men can able to choose their favorite field also parents force them to go for extra course , but in womens case only basic bsc course. This hurts women mentally.

Domination in marriage 

  The major problem in country where I live is marriage . Women were married after their degree completion . Parents pick four to five men photo and ask her to choose one . They never ask  whether she love someone . There were many people killed because of loving . In some village females were married after their schooling . When many women carrying their kids at the age of 20. 

Domination in job

Women who got placed in higher company out of their town are not allowed to go . Though they studied  well are allowed to go for job in own town . Not only that women are not allowed to go for night-shift in those company . We should feel shame because of those man who spoiled society.

These are main things which stops women from raising voice .

When men for research, why should women do their research in kitchen ?
when men gone for work , why should women stay in house?
when men can choose their own decision , why can't women?
When men achieve , why can't women do?

If you said women are treated equally with men , then think of your home your mother still under control of your dad . 
If you understand what I mean let's make a pledge to support women. 

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1 comment:

Naresh Kumar SR said...

But.... nowadays it had womens are free
Only in village sides only the womens are get struggled​ and locked in that what u said

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