Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Witness my love


This post may or may not be related to my heart personally or mentally.

Witness my love 

Witness my love from my heart 

Justify her how I live now

What did I do 
Than loving her
Left me in dark 
For trusting her 
Please witness my pain to convey her

I had a dream 
With her
But  she had 
Said me as nightmare 
Now I can't live without her
Someone witness my love and convey her

I where ready to stand
Against the world
To make her feel comfortable 
yet she meant everything to me
I am still a blind standings on her way 
Anyway witness me as idiotic as she say

I am not happy 
Day she left me 
completely shattered me 
Now I am a child 
that longs for care
Hoping for her comeback 
As anxious as ever

Sleepless nights she gave 
Tons of memories we had
Moulding words she spoke
She taught me how to live
Finally she left

Now I am not able to live
I'm Counting days 
I miss her
In my heart
Will you witness my love for her

My love was the key 
To my heart
Wherein I built a palace
Hoping for her to ask
Witness that I still hoping her to ask for that key

I started my life with her
Before sunshine 
Ended up over moon shades
Now I am able to do anything 
So quitting my life and my love 
Witness that I am broken
Months had passed
But her foot prints 
Stands still in my heart 
I desperately want her back 

She might be rude 
But deep inside she care 
I want to know 
Why she left 
So I bring this infront of you 
You can ask her 
And witness for me
So I could live 
Somewhere in her heart
Or here by Waiting 
For her

To say
"I miss you"
I'll wait for this moment
No matter it is

With my decaying body
And fadingsoul
Let her bury me 
With her love 

You can witness 
That  my love is true 

This is not just a words but my pain.....

If you understand me  you can comment how you witness for me and also share for me 
And spread my love

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