Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Fake Man


This post is dedicated to people who never care of anything until they benefit personally . Only think I wish to tell you is never lose your self respect.

Oh modern man
Why wearing a mask
To act like you can
Committing in all work
but rarely succeed 
Respecting only power
Why you dominating weaker?
Desperate for some attention
But never responding others 
Finding people like you 
Losing  someone who trust you
Spending your life over gossip
Degrading your quality in that
Criticize the perfect one
Promote only your success
Begging for job
On bowing someone's feet

Feeling shame to see a man like you
Now I dare to tell you are fake 
Just remove the mask you wore
Stop begging in two hands
Rise one of your hand
To stand as who you are
Don't lose your self respect
Help someone who grows up
Respect only our motherland

At-least like for people who believes in you,lets give color for someone's dream.

Share this if you like this comment if you faced people as I wrote.Let's be real and we see Positive things. 

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