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 This article doesn't relate to me in personal life.It is inspired and written from movies.         

 She likes hating me 

Once upon a time
In a clear sky 
We just take small walk 
What did I do
This is not fare 
She left me and gone so far 

My love is pure
My words are true
So I ran to chase
In her heart
So my love beats
with her heart

She is like wave 
She is in air 
She touches me in form of rain
Her anger were Sun ray's
Her care is like snow
Her love is moon
But she is my girl

Flower's will hide the fragrance till it bloom
My girlfriend hides her care till she love me
Now I miss her very badly
She made me feel so lonely
I wanna go be with her truly 
Hence I am loving her madly

Pain she gave is harder
Day she left me is haunted 
I am not that much smarter
But I know how to love her
She slapped me , I don't care 
If she cries , I will protect her 
But love is even better so 
Time will put us together

She gave me heart attack
Even she took my breath
She let my dreams open
She broken my heart
Later entered my life
Now she is my everything
But for her I am nothing

Special thing I felt was
A jasmine on her text
Once we were close 
Now I am losing her
Days were too big 
But passes by her thought

Let me search myself
Under her feet
On her shadow
On her foot print
Or on my burial ground 
Let her know how I love 

Though she hate 
I don't care 
I will prove my love
Till I am there 
finally this is my promise 
I am searching for her
but the fact is I never seen her

Share this till it reaches her 

comment like and share 
Let the world know my love


Nice feel..!
Focusing on positive sides... May increase our interest level..!

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